This is a Beta version of a platform currently developed by the V-CALC project

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What is V-CALC

Project Description

The Volunteering Impact Measurement Training in Europe (V- CALC) project is a two-year partnership between six organisations from five European countries: UK, Belgium, Spain, Albania and Croatia.

The V-CALC project was developed to address the issue that there is currently no methodology which measures the impact of volunteer involvement across nations. The V-CALC project will develop a user-friendly online platform, which will gather data about volunteer involvement and volunteers. Volunteer managers and coordinators will be trained during the V-CALC project, on how to use the online platform.

The V-CALC project aims to develop a robust and reliable methodology to gather data about the impact of volunteering, types of volunteering and the demographic and motivations of volunteers. The V-CALC platform also aims to measure the impact of volunteering on building social and human capital and on promoting common European values.

The data gathered from the V-CALC online platform will be used to inform policy nationally and cross-nationally and aims to make the contribution of volunteer involvement to civic society more visible across Europe.

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V-Impact Report

Select the options and generate the report

New volunteers become involved

Young people become involved as volunteers

Volunteers continue activity with same organisation

Volunteers continue activity with different organisation

Volunteers take part in different types of volunteering

Volunteers take part in different activities/sectors

Volunteers report positive volunteering experience

More diverse volunteers become involved

More diverse volunteering opportunities are offered

More diverse beneficiaries are reached

Beneficiaries from communities previously underserved are reached

Diverse volunteers are connected

Diverse beneficiaries are connected

Volunteer involving organisation measure impact

Volunteer involving organisation secure funding

Volunteer involvement offers net economic gain

Health services involve volunteers

Health services have employer supported volunteering programmes

Educational institutions involve volunteers

Educational institutions have employer supported volunteering programmes

Social businesses involve volunteers

Employers have employer supported volunteer programmes

Projects for environmental protection strengthen environmental work

Volunteers become involved in projects for environmental protection

Volunteers gain skills for environmental protection

Volunteers travel


Organisation footprint

Carbon captured

Carbon output reduced


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Training Manual

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Video tutorial

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A place where we can share our experience with other associations and with our fellow volunteers.

The site where we can really expose all our actions in the world of volunteering.

All NGOs on a website, where we can give our opinion and report how we help others.

I am very happy to always help and serve our community and now to be able to share it.

I feel very fortunate to share my data so we can grow our association.

They recommended it to me a few days ago and in a while I was able to share years of volunteering.


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